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About the Fund

Charitable organization "The Development Fund of the Crimea" was created in 2010 to promote the social activities of inhabitants of Crimea, the formation of a responsible community and to overcome the consequences of the 20th century catastrophe genocide of the deportation in 1944.

The Development Fund for Crimea was registered on April 4, 2011 . The fund direct s its resources primarily to the humanitarian sphere where idea s – the main intellectual product are formed. Our mission is to help to reveal the inner potentials of the Crimean population, to form the vision of Crimea as a p erspective and successful region of Ukraine.
As a non-government, non-profit and charitable organization The Development Fund of the Crimea, builds partnership relations with cultural, scientific, national and other organizations of Crimea and it is ready to implement joint projects that promote the development of Crimea.
The structure of the office of the Development Fund allows to cover a wide range of problems in the life of Crimea, and to focus properly on the providing of targeted assistance. We have identified three main areas of our business:
  • Research area ;
  • Information al area ;
  • Project area .
Within the limits of the annual plan The Development Fund of the Crimea provides financing of projects of the non-governmental organizations and partnership projects . The Development Fund of the Crimea is administrated by the President , the Board of Administration and Chief Executive Officer of the Fund.
Umerov Rustem and Skoryk Alexey were elected as the first President and Chief Executive Officer of the Development Fund of the Crimea.
The members of The Development Fund of the Crimea are public figures, businessmen, scientists and cultural workers, companies that support the goals and objectives of the Fund. Membership in The Development Fund of the Crimea can be either individual or collective.
In order to control the activities of the organization by an effective use of charitable funds was formed the Supervisory Board, that consist s of authoritative representatives of the Crimean and Ukrainian establishment, as well as representatives of the international organizations.