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The Khan’s Palace in Bakhchisarai was built as a patrimonial residence of Giray dynasty - the rulers of the Crimean Khanate.

About the Fund

Each of us who lives in Crimea and love s this land often ask s himself What was Crimea before and what will it be in future?

The answers lie in the understanding of the historical heritage of the peninsula that is plentiful of events that belonged to different periods and in the understanding of the depth of our responsibility for what is happening today.
Crimean nature, social relations, c ulture and economics - everything on what we depend is changing and these change s becomes the basis for tomorrow.
These changes are different, but we all want them to have positive results.
We crave for it . But what do we do to get i t?
Taking for granted na tural beauty and wealth , that are situated at the crossroads of many interests, we often lo o s e prospects and opportunities, we became passi v e observers and we postpone the developing of Crimea.
But every day more and more people in Crimea and far beyond begin a long and painstaking work aimed at the revival of the peninsula. It does not matter if their initiatives are small or large – being gathered in a common fund of prosperity, the fruits of this labor will be mutual .
It is hard to imagine a person that does not wish peace and prosperity to his family, neighbors, people and country. And we believe that the undertakings of the Fund will help many to discover their potentials. We know that the assistance that will be transferred by the Fund to those who are in need will make their lives easier. We hope that the Fund will promote the development of different spheres of life in Crimea, and it will strengthen people's understanding of the importance of mutual respect and help which will form the basis for our common future.
We urge each of you who is not indifferent to this common future to join us!